Tips to maintain healthy skin from head to toe all winter long

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Tips to maintain healthy skin from head to toe all winter long

Author: Laurie Palafox/Aesthetician/One Wellness

Your skin will become drier and often more sensitive with the onset of colder weather and central heating. Make sure you keep hydrated during the day, swap your coffee for green tea which has great anti-oxidant effects. Gentle cleansing is a must, you need your skin barrier to be as healthy as possible so that it can retain vital moisture. As a rule of thumb if your skin feels tight after washing it is likely that the cleanser you are using has disrupted your skin barrier. The skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing, if you are reaching immediately for your moisturizer you may want to consider a gentler cleanser. 

BABOR has combined the natural cleansing powers of water and oil and developed a unique 2-Step, deep-action cleanser. Made from pure plant oils including soybean, sesame, and peanut. Quillaja extract intensifies the cleansing action without causing tightness. Vitamin E helps protect against environmental aggressors.

Winter skin is often dull, so I recommend a professional facial about every three to four weeks. That’s how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth. With sun exposure winter is a great time of year for skin treatments after some procedures there is a higher risk of unwanted post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Autumn and winter, therefore, represent an opportunity to treat the skin with more active ingredients like AHAs, glycolic peels.

Collectively we shed about 10 billion dead skin cells a day, which equates to 23kg over a lifetime. Not just a nauseating notion, it serves as a reminder of the importance exfoliation plays in clearing dead cell build-up.

Exfoliation plays a key role in skin radiance by removing complexion-dulling dead skin cells and allowing new, fresh and healthy skin cells to reach the surface. Increasing cell production also allows better absorption of active topical skincare.

Dr. Babor AHA Peeling Gel is a light peel treatment using glycolic and lactic acid to lift dead skin and stimulate which leaves the skin glowing.

If your skin is sensitive, try our Signature Facial for age prevention and stimulation of skin regeneration for refreshed, radiant youthful skin.  Regular facials will help to keep your skin clean, clear and hydrated whilst maximizing your everyday skincare regime too.


Licking sore lips will only exacerbate dryness and can cause what is referred to as ‘lick eczema’. Make sure your lips are sealed with an effective ointment at all times, particularly before eating and drinking as some foods like tomatoes which can irritate chapped lips. If you are skiing remember lips are vulnerable to sunburn. Zinc oxide is a fantastic physical sunscreen and will help to reflect the UV away from the skin of your face and lips.

ESSENTIAL CARE LIP BALM is a moisturizing treatment for dry, chapped lips. Shea Butter strengthens the skin’s protective barriers, while Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil and natural waxes Candelilla and Carnauba condition the delicate lip area, leaving it soft and supple. Additional active ingredients: Coconut oil, Bisabolol, Beeswax.


Hands are at high risk of becoming chapped and sore in the winter months. New mothers constantly washing hands often come and see me in the winter months. My advice is to avoid baby wipes as they can contain preservatives that trigger hand eczema and for everyone to wear gloves when washing.  Manicures are a fantastic way to keep the nails and hands healthy hydrated and party-ready. Regular use of our Babor Daily or Repair (for extra dry) Hand Cream will help to maintain soft and protected hands from the elements. If the cuticles or nails have become flaky or weak, I recommend Babor Cuticle and Nail Repair to be applied as often as required.


Feet often become dry and cracked in the winter months. Exfoliating frequently and applying an effective moisturiser always helps, but for many there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Coming in for a pedicure treatment not only will exfoliate and buff off any dry, dead skin callus but will hydrate and soothe aching tired feet.  Adding on a paraffin treatment is a great way to maintain moisture in hands or feet it also helps to reduce arthritic pain and improve circulation. To help maintain soft smooth feet I recommend the Gewhol foot care line that uses essential oils to protects feet from fungus and bacteria. They provide creams to warm feet or heal cracks with urea so whatever your concern we will find the right fit for you.


So now you understand the importance of exfoliation using a body scrub regularly can not only leave the skin soft and smooth but prevent ingrown hairs.  My favorite is the Babor Balancing Soothing Sugar Oil Peeling. Sugar grains act as an exfoliant while the argan, almond, and macadamia nut oils smooth and hydrate. This can be done before or in the bath or shower every week to maintain healthy, supple skin.

This moisturizing exfoliant is ideal for removing dead skin cells. Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple and gives it smoother, more even and velvety appearance.

Baths are a gift to dry winter skin. Not only do they provide the all-important relaxation to switch off those skin-damaging stress hormones; baths are a marvelous opportunity to hydrate the skin and ease sore muscles. Bath bombs with Epsom salts will bubble and melt into the water to create your spa experience at home. If you want to take it to the next level add some Babor Balancing Soothing Body Oil onto damp skin after. The argan oil in this will lock in moisture leaving your skin glowing and soft.

Soothing Body Oil is ideal for anyone who prefers a richer skincare texture or for the care of extremely dry areas of skin.

Eat healthily and sleep well

Don’t underestimate the importance of healthy eating for hydration. Eat nutritionally healthy, skin-boosting foods packed full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging antioxidants. Keeping well-hydrated is the key; aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day and keep alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum. Don’t forget your beauty sleep, either. Sleep is a time where every cell in our body renews and repairs, so getting a good eight hours will help keep your skin in good condition. To help with the rejuvenation of skin overnight, I recommend Babors Active Night Ampoule Concentrate. A 7day treatment to counteract visible signs of aging, repair and reactivate skins natural processes while you sleep, wake with revived and rejuvenated skin.

An active nighttime concentrate for skin in need of rejuvenation. Salix nigra bark extract of algae and truffle work effectively during the deep-sleep phase to help promote a more rejuvenated appearance and counteract visible signs of skin aging.
An overnight active concentrate for any skin in need of rejuvenation.

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