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Reiki Treatment

Intro to Reiki

Author: Jo-Ann Rutherford/Registered Massage Therapist/One Wellness

Where massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, Reiki is a hands-on &/or hands-off approach to balancing the subtle energies of the body, mind, and emotions. You can experience it for the relief of minor aches, pains and tension headaches; any ailment that has a strong mind-body connection.

A Reiki session facilitates a letting go of tension, a sense of deep relaxation and peace, calms the mind and helps create feelings of well being. When the body is relaxed it promotes an individual’s natural ability to heal.

Reiki can be performed with the client fully clothed or over sheets and blankets. The person is encouraged to close their eyes and take deep breaths. The Reiki practitioner will assess the energy of the body looking for sensations of coolness, heat or tingling. Where there is an imbalance detected the hands will be held over or on the area until a sense of balance is felt in the practitioner’s hands.

Deep relaxation, a feeling of wellness, a sense of having had a nap, perhaps even feeling emotional – joy or temporary sadness are experiences Reiki clients have reported.

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